Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service

Exit and Emergency Lighting Service

Are you consistently opting for Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service regularly for your commercial setup or office building?
Your employee safety during the evacuation during the sudden power cut-off needs to avoid mishaps while walking in the dark. The exit and emergency lighting service should be given top priorty. The certified professionals will properly check everything as each aspect is considered optimally and proper report is drafted before implementing the emergency lighting repair service process in Oakland.

At Bayside Fire Protection, we follow the essential requisites while delivering exit and emergency lighting service in the Bay area/Oakland. Whether a commercial building or office setup, our skilled experts follow the proper procedure and perform necessary repairs to the emergency lights and exit board.

Understand Benefits of Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service and Repair

Bayside Fire Protection will Not Leave Anything Untouched It’s quite sure you’ll like our seamless process of Exit & Emergency Lighting service
  • Our Experts conduct a thorough examination of the panel
  • The battery and lighting system is conducted thoroughly for 90 minutes
  • Assess the condition and voltage of the battery
  • Check if there is any damage to AC/DC Bulbs and ensure seamless operation
  • We make sure the charging circuit is working perfectly and upto the mark
  • Perform emergency lighting testing and apply test label once accomplished

Our Process of Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service

At Bayside Fire Protection, we follow the standard process of Exit & Emergency Lighting service. Our certified professionals follow the defined procedure to perfection in rendering top-notch repair and maintenance services. We are sure you’ll like to avail the Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service from us after going through the entire service process.
  • Inspection of exit and emergency lighting system is done to ensure it is functional and working correctly as per NEPA standards
  • Complete testing of lighting system to ensure it will illuminate for 90 minutes
  • Ensure extended life of batteries and other essential components by adjusting the PC board flat voltage for best performance of emergency lighting during contingency.
  • Our experts do comprehensive testing of all emergency bulbs as they are operating to the optimum period without any glitches as well as meeting the lighting requirements & standards
  • We clear all battery terminals and leads to ensure everything gets reset, and all exit & emergency lights perform optimally.
  • Our experts check the energy efficiency of all emergency lighting bulbs and lamps
  • Proper placement of emergency lights and exit signs for effective use and adequate display of passage for evacuation of employees when it gets dark.
  • Label the devices upon maintenance/repair services for keeping records
So, What are you waiting for!!
Make Your Office site Well Equipped with Exit & Emergency Lighting Annual Service for optimum performance.
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