Portable Fire Extinguisher Service

It’s time you should create a First Line of Defense against Fire Outbreak.

Getting timely inspection and maintenance of Portable fire extinguishers is your top priority, and Bayside Fire Protection is competent to make it happen on your behalf.

We take all responsibilities for fire prevention equipment to make it readily accessible when it matters the most. Bayside Fire Protection is one of the reliable and trusted service providers for fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance. We aim to ensure that all fire extinguishers installed at your home or office follow the standard parameters in terms of size and adequate agents to prevent damage and save human lives during the fire outbreak.

At Bayside Fire Protection, we ensure you get the professional services associated with monthly and annual fire extinguisher inspections. We offer Portable Fire Extinguisher Service in the Bay Area as per the state fire code outlined by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Our certified technicians are highly qualified and experienced enough to judge if you have the correct fire extinguishers installed at your residence or workplace and the distance between them to meet the standards. Other than this, our professionals have comprehensive knowledge about how to recharge portable fire extinguishers if the quantity of agents to curb fire outbreaks gets below the minimum level.

Bayside Fire Protection is not confined to offering the portable fire extinguisher service in Bay area homes as we serve corporates and small and medium-sized companies. From quick inspection and diagnosis of errors in fire extinguisher gauges to recharge of portable fire extinguishers, our licensed professionals are competent to accomplish the task to perfection.

We aim to deliver cost-effective services associated with fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance to our new and existing clients as we have a preventative maintenance program that ensures their safety from fire outbreaks during any circumstance.

Have a look at Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Process

Just go through the checklist that our experts at Bayside Fire Protection follows while offering Portable Fire Extinguisher inspection and maintenance Service in Bay Area.

  • Check if the portable fire extinguisher is hung correctly with a proper hanger provided by manufacturers.
  • Our professional carefully remove the extinguisher from the hanger going through the manual instructions given by the manufacturer to the client
  • The first and most crucial phase is to check the gauge pressure and its condition after assessing its compatibility with the fire extinguisher.
  • The licensed technician will check the date of manufacture, hydro test done last time, and maintenance details.
  • It’s essential to check the valve and shell for damage and corrosion, and our expert performs all tasks step by step without missing the standards.
  • If everything is fine, our technician will check the hose status by removing it to see the threads and ensure there are no cracks or splits upon inspecting the condition of the discharge horn.
  • After checking the condition of the hose, the technician will scrutinize the valve opening for ingestion of powder or foreign matter.
  • Remove the extinguisher seal as well as the locking pin for checking the upper and lower handles
  • Replace the locking pin to reseal the portable fire extinguisher.
  • Clean the extinguisher and check the condition of the hose. For dry extinguishers, fluff the powder by turning the extinguisher.
  • Check the classification upon Recharge of Portable Fire Extinguishers and operate as per the instructions.
  • We ensure that the fire extinguisher is visible and that its hose and valve function best.
  • Fix the extinguisher back on its hanger
  • A proper report is formulated upon fire extinguisher inspection by listing all deficiencies visible during the thorough scrutinization and corrective actions taken to make it work properly with fire extinguisher maintenance and care as suggested.